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Vaccine mandate protest takes place outside of Gundersen Health System

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Employees of Gundersen Health System and members of the community are protesting the healthcare system’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

They say the mandate may cause many healthcare workers to lose their jobs after November 1.

Their goal is to ask Gundersen Health System to withdraw the mandate completely or at least add other exemption options for employees.

We were not able to get an interview on-camera with one of the employees, but they did provide us with this statement: “We are not “anti-vax,” or even “anti-COVID vaccine.” We already provided excellent patient care for the community without a vaccine during the pandemic last year.”

They also say that they hold individualized patient care as a core value of their practice.

Those against the vaccine mandate are claiming that up to 1,000 Gundersen workers are against the vaccine.

A Gundersen spokesperson tells News 8 Now that is not true.

About 85% of Gundersen’s employees are vaccinated, and most of those who aren’t getting vaccinated either have medical exemptions or are immunocompromised.